We Can Help You Save Your Dental Practice!

DRS-360 is the sole dental recovery solutions group capable of achieving the maximum recovery of a dental practice loss. We represent lenders, leasing companies, landlords, property managers, REALTORS, lawyers, bankruptcy trustees nationwide in maximizing the recovery of their financial investment in dental practices: equipment, vacant space and often build-out. Whereas most asset recovery firms focus on acquiring equipment at the most minimal wholesale value, we provide you the lender with retail value. If we are contacted prior to a dental practice actually going into default, charge-off or bankruptcy, we can stabilize the practice protecting your interests as well as the landlord while safeguarding the patient base in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We are not only an asset recovery firm, remarketer of assets but DRS-360 includes dentists who can (if needed) harness the practice and remarket it as well.

About Dental Recovery Solution 360

James R. Chaffin, DDS and Mark Eric Bailey first met when James graduated Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry in 2004. Mark created a growth plan for James via practice acquisitions and arranged financing for his first, second and third practice acquisitions. They became very close friends and have together created Dentcetera, a full service practice transitions firm for general & specialty dentists throughout the USA in 2005, edentalspace.com, the first global social networking site for dental professionals in 2007 and recently Dental Recovery Solutions 360, LLC.

After the recent “Great Recession,” they both realized that the dental profession had changed. Many recently started and established dental practices nationwide were closing due to economic changes, increased competition from chains & DSOs, and recent changes due to healthcare insurance reform. For dentists who seek assistance to stabilize their practice operations and profitability instead of closing they created a thorough Workout solution. For other dentists unable to achieve a workout, who were in default on loan payments, behind on lease payments, both, or where practices were about to be or had been repossessed, they created Dental Recovery Solutions 360, LLC (DRS-360).

DRS-360 benefits the lender by stabilizing the practice opportunity (pre-charge-off or pre-repossession) or afterwards maximizing the recovery of the lender’s practice asset value. When DRS-360 completes a full recovery, the landlord is also benefitted with a new long-term qualified tenant. In stabilizing a practice, patients are protected with full HIPAA compliance only possible with a licensed dentist. And finally, a recovery can reduce the debt owed by the indebted dentist.