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Get in touch with our Dental Practice Experts. Don’t wait until you are going into default, one or two months behind, in default or about to lose everything, contact us when your situation begins to appear bleak. Don’t just lose your practice, walk away from the loan or conduct a short sale. Instead contact DRS-360, we have the experience to not only plan your recovery but to achieve it for you. If you are struggling and need help with sba loan defaults, dental loan restructure, or capital formation call us today!

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We have a national presence. Get in touch with our Dental Practice Experts We are located in Phoenix, Arizona and in Lancaster, PA. To see our services click here. 

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We represent lenders, leasing companies, landlords, property managers, REALTORS, lawyers, bankruptcy trustees nationwide.  We maximize the recovery of their financial investment in dental practices: equipment, vacant space and often build-out. Most asset recovery firms focus on acquiring equipment at the most minimal wholesale value. Also, Dental Recovery Solutions 360, LLC provides you the lender with retail value. If we are contacted prior to a dental practice actually going into default, charge-off or bankruptcy, we can stabilize the practice. Protecting your interests as well as the landlord while safeguarding the patient base in compliance with HIPAA regulations. In conclusion, we are not only an asset recovery firm remarketer of assets. DRS-360 includes dentists who can (if needed) harness the practice and remarket it as well.