Overwhelmed With Debt?

Insurance Payments Taking Forever To Be Collected?

Debt Service & Expenses Too High?

Don’t wait until you are going into default, one or two months behind, in default or about to lose everything, contact us when your situation begins to appear bleak. Don’t just lose your practice, walk away from the loan or conduct a short sale. Instead contact DRS-360, we have the experience to not only plan your recovery but to achieve it for you.

Chances are we can help you save your dental practice. Bankruptcy isn’t easy or necessarily the best solution. We will listen to you, evaluate your overall situation and provide you with the best resolution for you. Whether its a debt restructure, landlord concessions, a change in marketing, new operations oversight or a structured workout, contact us.

We are not your typical consulting or advisory firm. We own & operate dental practices, offer experienced dental consultants and financing / transitions advisors. Sinking fast, day or night, contact us. We talk the walk and walk the talk. We understand. We want to save you.

Our Solutions Include:

DRS360’s team includes accomplished dentists, consulting, legal & financial professionals. Our focus it to protect our client, whether it be the lender, landlord, patient base, practice owner or all of the above in order to achieve the optimal practice recovery. Often our engagements simply involve the recovery & re-marketing of equipment, the re-marketing of equipment & build-out, the evaluation / management / stabilization / recovery of a practice operation by workout or the recovery of the overall practice operation by practice sale.

In most cases, we are engaged by the lender when a practice owner is 30-60-90 days delinquent, in default or in pre-charge off proceedings. It is in the lender’s best interest to contact us as early as possible so we can achieve the best possible result for them. It is in the best interest of a borrower experiencing a hardship to contact us immediately as many hardships can be overcome simply, quickly and painlessly if we are engaged before the hardship becomes a default.

Our Services Include:


DRS-360 offers equipment specialists nationwide who can quickly value dental equipment by phone, email or fax. If an entire practice of dental equipment needs to be valued, one of our equipment specialists will travel to the practice to verify the age & condition of the equipment and provide a valuation report.

If you are a lender or leasing company we can review your asset schedules to estimate residual values, retail equipment value and collateral positions for line of credit considerations, lease-end buy-out, default recovery and sale.


DRS360 resources can make on-site visits to your equipment locations and provide documented reports for verification, condition and valuation.

Asset Recovery

As dental and financial professionals, DRS360 has the individual knowledge and experience to properly and efficiently recover your financial investment in dental equipment. Whether its a voluntary or involuntary early finance termination, maximize your recovery with DRS360.

Lease-End Remarketing

DRS360 consignment sale programs expose your dental equipment to the optimal markets to achieve maximum value for your assets.

Practice Recovery

Once a dental practice begins to go into default, contact DRS360. Our resources will evaluate the practice operations, stabilize the practice and maximize your recovery of your financial investment whether equipment, build-out or the overall practice. At DRS360 we protect the lender, landlord and the patient base.